The Last One

  When we  start this course like everdybody ı was exited.I remembered when ı wrote my first was what we expected from this course.However, At t the beginning of the lesson, I was  a little   pessimistic  when the teacher explained what we would do in this lesson, I thought that there were a lof of things that  would be done. I thought there were a lot of homework, presentations and projects.But whenever ı do somtehing about this course ı enjoy.ThankS to Mr AKAYOĞLU



      Image Free website builders is known as Weebly. There are lots of websites about website building but I can say that weebly is the easiest one. You can add videos, pictures, texts via just one action. The only thing you should do is to click and drag the box wherever you want to add your item on your website. If you want to get use from all of the features of this site you should upgrade your account. This is the only disadvantage for this website that I observed. For upgrading your accound, you have to pay also. Even so, you can make a lot of things using free mode of the weebly. Besides You can use Weebly in education; you can easily build a classroom website and blog, manage your student’s accounts, accept homework assignments online and keep your colleagues and students up to date…




Podcasting is a wonderful tool that  teachers can use in  the classrooms,especially for teaching second language.. Teachers who have begun to use podcasts in their teachings are reporting many positive outcomes. The achievement of their students is better, attendance is better, and the morale of their students is higher. These examples are all a result of using podcasting effectively in the classroom. • The use of podcasting has also helped to expand learning beyond the classroom. Students are able to connect with others from all over the country.



Digital Storytelling is now being widely used in the classroom. Teachers are not only showing the digital stories of others but also having students tell their own stories and others’ stories.  Students are asked to create stories of famous figures in history. Students are learning history as well as creative skills in order to tell the story of another. Through the storytelling process students also develop skills of reflection to understand history in relation to their own experiences. 


Students who are learning English as a Second Language have also found benefits in digital storytelling. Having these students tell and create their stories lets them reflect in the English language and also develops their oral skills to speak the language.





Everybody knows the facebook, of course; but lots of people use to have a fun, don’t use for education. So to sum up everybody use facebook. You know, it has some advantages like education side of facebook or funny side of facebook etc. If we get back to the subject, as far as it has education side, we can use this side as a possitive effect. For example we can create a group about the course and we can follow the students’ achievements. As you see the social networks which are facebook, twitter etc. has some advantages like their have disadvantages.



It is very useful site, very common and enjoyable site. Because it has lots of advanatges like being online. So if ou want to learn something from somebody or if you want to teach something to somebody, you should enter to this site with inner peace. For example if you want to learn soething which is about everything like geography, mathmatics etc. you can learn easily like a kid. I said like a kid, because kids learn easily to everything and thanks to this site we learn easily learn yo everything. There is lots of sites like that but it is the best and most enjoyable site is WizIQ. If you are an online student, you should try it 🙂

An Online Classroom


If you want a lesson which is 7/24, you should use campus.dokeos. Because it has lots of advantages, because it is very useful and because lots of teachers use this site. If we get back to the advantages, for example if you want make a quiz which has multiple answers, you can do easily with dokeos. For example, It has chatting area among students, if they want to chat to online their friends, they can chat how they want; maybe it is about the lessons, maybe it is about the teacher. By the way there has lots of sites about online classroom but the most useful site is dokeos. So as you see it has lots of advantages, however ; it has just one disadvantege. The disadvantege is changing it means that the interface changes lots of time and it takes up time..