Everybody knows the facebook, of course; but lots of people use to have a fun, don’t use for education. So to sum up everybody use facebook. You know, it has some advantages like education side of facebook or funny side of facebook etc. If we get back to the subject, as far as it has education side, we can use this side as a possitive effect. For example we can create a group about the course and we can follow the students’ achievements. As you see the social networks which are facebook, twitter etc. has some advantages like their have disadvantages.


3 thoughts on “Facebook…

  1. ozkayran says:

    As you say students are not aware of education side of the Facebook. Primary fact using Facebook in the classroom is that we must teach students how to use Facebook as an opportunity to learn something.

  2. You are right. because almost everybody use facebook for everything except education. So let’s use facebook for education 🙂

  3. begumozsahin says:

    I agree with you. Everything has both advantages and disadvantages. However, we should have a viewpoint with regard to the advantages of these tools.

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