An Online Classroom


If you want a lesson which is 7/24, you should use campus.dokeos. Because it has lots of advantages, because it is very useful and because lots of teachers use this site. If we get back to the advantages, for example if you want make a quiz which has multiple answers, you can do easily with dokeos. For example, It has chatting area among students, if they want to chat to online their friends, they can chat how they want; maybe it is about the lessons, maybe it is about the teacher. By the way there has lots of sites about online classroom but the most useful site is dokeos. So as you see it has lots of advantages, however ; it has just one disadvantege. The disadvantege is changing it means that the interface changes lots of time and it takes up time..


3 thoughts on “An Online Classroom

  1. Soner NAYMAN says:

    I know this site and as you say it is very useful site for every teacher who want to make quiz which is online 🙂

  2. ozkayran says:

    Students can study anywhere they can access to a computer and internet connection. They can select learning materials that meets their level of knowledge and interest. This allows permanent learning and makes learning enjoyable.

  3. E-learning systems are increasingly becoming a common way of delivering online and flexible activities, which enable teachers and students to communicate with each other outside the classroom and campus via forums, blogs, chat rooms and virtual conference.

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