How important is technology in educatıon? Technology has had a deep  impact on education system. If education is about knowledge and intellectual skills, then information technology lies at the heart of it all, so  tecnology in the field of education  has many benefits.

Students learn best when they are engaged with tecnology.They can become active participants as opposed to passive ones. When teachers expose  students to computers through educational games they  can learn the basics of spelling, counting and other early educational lessons through computer games that make learning fun,these are some reasons that teachers should make the computer a vital part of learning for students.



  1. ozkayran says:

    Technology in the classroom allows students to be more active in the classroom. Students are more likely to have opportunity of communication of information. That gives students a higher self-reliance level.

  2. Soner NAYMAN says:

    Call course helps us to teach something to new generations in easy ways and short period of time wherever and whenever you are. Old methods and technologies aren’t enough to teach something to new learners and will not.

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